About Esoterraria-p

What counts as material?

The artworks (collographs) under this collection are created using waste-materials, plastic packaging materials from the everyday, for creating the images and reclaimed wood/frames for the framing of the artworks. 

Esoterraria-p is a living installation, a 2x2x2m cube, holding a permissive, contended, strange and familiar place in which the artist and participants explore ideas about care, belonging and/or ecology through working with plastic wastes - where assemblage creatures and their environment inhabiting the cube are all made with plastic waste. 

The collographs are conceptualised as portraits of assemblage creatures, part of the stories from Esoterraria-p. 

Esoterraria-P is premiered at DeptfordX Festival 2022, 16-25 Sept at Job Centre Deptford.