Tales of time (2nd ed)


Medium: risograph on 140gsm cupcycling paper
Size (unframed): 297 x 420 mm, A3

A risograph remix of a set of original collograph artworks of tomato plants, created over the tomato growing season of 2022. This is the second run of Tales of time which is in florescent pink and teal, produced in spring 2023. A small number of first edition in orange and blue is also available as a different listing.

The process of creating this work is long, mostly slow, delicate and imperfect. First, the image within each panel is created as a collograph using ex-drink cartons over a period of time. Then all images are digitised, recomposed and finally reproduced using the risograph process which introduces slight variations.

* Risograph ink is soy-based and dries like ink on newspaper (touch dry).